Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happiness Is a Warm One Weekly

Tommy squeezes off a round of his own, and Peter's down wid it.

Gun. I pointed you towards One Weekly Gun's excellent "Dear John" at Hits in the Car back in June, but I didn't pay close enough attention to the arsenal at which Morten was arming himself. Week after week (i.e., weekly, duh) a young, sharp, shooter/musician, the Deadeye-Dickish Dane, Peter Fritzen, rifles through his fertile imagination and in less than three hours writes, records, and fires off (uploads) a brand new song based on a current event. So far he's squeezed off at least 41 rounds, and let me tell you, his aim is true. (He shoots to thrill. He hits me with his best shot. Etc.) The songs are timely, thought-provoking, and ridiculously entertaining. Heck, I can't write a decent post once a week/decade, and this keen-eyed marksman positively kills with penetrating pleasure bullets at the rate . . . previously indicated. (Yasss, I made kind of a list of gun/shooting terms especially for this post. I haven't used them all yet, but I believe I've used quite enough, would you agree? [Don't answer.])

Below you will find, Glocked and loaded, the five that plugged the epicenter of my aesthetic bullseye. You can fill your cartridge belt/iPod with plenty more at the OWG download page (Ready-Aim-Click). As always, I thank the most wonderful Mr. Stytzer at HITC for gunning these works at me. Oh, and btw, Peter has posts introducing each song (along with lyrics), but it's also kind of fun guessing which current event each song is aiming at. Your pull. Bang bang, shoot shoot.

One Weekly Gun
Dear John mp3
We Love Copernicus mp3 - One of my five favorite astronomers!
Pro-Fight mp3
Corporate Entertainment Throttle mp3
Addicted to Holes mp3 - Hi, I'm pp and I'm addicted to One Weekly Gun. ["Hi, pp."] In fact, I get my weekly fix emailed to me as a newsletter. ["Can we do that, too, pp?"] Yes, you can.

OWG Home
OWG MySpace


stytzer said...

Interesting concept this One Weekly Gun thing - isn't it :)

pplist said...

Yes, indeed: very interesting, very impressive, and very entertaining. Thanks again for showing the way.

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