Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Lovetones' New Dimensions

Aussie poppsychers (or psychpoppers, your call) The Lovetones are set to release their fourth LP, Dimensions, on 24 February. (It dropped Down Under in November.) If the dreamy comp track down under is any indication, Brian Jonestown Massacreer Matthew Tow and crew are set to take us on a groovy li'l trip indeed.

Journeyman mp3

last.fm - Many full Lovetones tracks are available for sampling.

BTW, head TBJM head Anton Newcombe apparently does a remix of "Journeyman" on the forthcoming LP, previously ID'd above as Dimensions. [It's called "Journeyman (Anton Newcombe Remix)."] Of course, it might just be named in his honor; information at this point is hazy.] Whatevs, this is pretty much all the excuse I need to repost the following.

Seer mp3

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