Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something New: pppurcha$e$

In various ways I’ve gotten the idea that some of you like some of the same music I do. I guess the main way is that some of you have told me so. This little cosa mia called “Powerpopulist” is only one aspect of my musical experience. I’m also regularly purchasing lots of immensely satisfying music at eMusic, Amazon mp3, Not Lame, iTunes, etc., etc. And since my main purpose with this blog is to put you in touch with music I like and you might, I’ve been thinking about listing the stuff I’m buying each month. Although I only post here songs I either very much like or love, I actually like or love quite a lot of what I'm buying as much or more than what I'm posting.

So I thought I’d try a little experiment. I’ve set up a separate blog called pppurcha$e$, where I’ll post some of my mp3 purchases, with links to the webpages where I bought them. It's very barebones because that's all I have time for these days. I thought about doing it right here at Powerpopulist, but that wouldn't really fit in with my main modus operandi, which is to post full-length mp3s or send you to faveblogs where full-length mp3s are posted. I’ll always notify you here at Powerpopulist when I’ve done a new post at pppurcha$e$. (BTW, um, I've done a new post at pppurcha$e$.)

I’m just a music fan, not an expert. Of course I’ll be following not only my own personal discoveries but the recommendations of Steve over at Absolute Powerpop, Aaron at Powerpopaholic, Bruce at Not Lame, Debra at Power Pop Review, Auditeers,, etc., etc. Who am I kidding? You know ‘em, you love ‘em, you probably found me through them. (Speaking of kidding, those three Big Kid songs on that first post are pretty splendid.)

I hope you’ll find this useful. These purchases represent all kinds of things: bands that are new to me, followups on bands I’ve posted here at Powerpopulist, filling in gaps in my collection, following recommendations from friends and enemies, etc. The newbies are usually based on 30-second samples, so occasionally I’ll later scratch 'n sniff and wonder what caused that earfart. I have found, though, that for the last couple of years, something like 98-99% of my purchases have been right on the money. The thousands of songs on the playlists I’ve built are a sheer joy to hear, as song after excellent song flows through me. By the way, just because I only list a couple of songs from an album doesn't mean I don't like other songs on it. In some cases I already have some of the songs, maybe I'll buy more later, etc. I'm simply showing what I've bought.

It took several hours to get that first post set up. I assume as time goes on, I’ll streamline the process. Knowing myself, I might not be able to “keep it up” forever. For one thing, someday I'll probably die. I don’t usually ask you for feedback (even though god only knows I’d love to get more) but in this case I really would like to know if you find this useful. If even a few of you like it, then it’s worth doing. So please leave a comment or write me an email and let me know. It’s not like I have to do this or anything. I’m getting no kickbacks from any of the vendors, no tax breaks to cheat on, no big ego boost, etc. I’m just saying, “Here’s what I bought; maybe you’ll like it, too.” Perhaps you’ll find it timesaving and musically enriching, who really knows? If you do find it useful, I’m considering working back month-by-month, adding previous months' purchases.

One other thing. Up there in the Powerpopulist banner, it says, “WHATEVER WE LIKE.” That “we” includes YOU. Please let me know what you are finding and recommending. I'll gladly check it out.

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