Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Actively Listening to The Dolly Rocker Movement, My Drunken Haze, Beaulieu Porch, & The PeΔrls

We just got a message from the ever-active Nathan announcing The Active Listener Sampler 7. Without fanfare we post our favorites, even if they make you even further aware of our own bloggy torpor. (In other venues, we're as busy as a no-armed paper hanger.) You can download the entire excellent sampler on a NAME YOUR PRICE basis. You might want to check out our previous post with still gratisgrabbable songs from The Active Listener here.  That is all. (For now.)

Seeing that song by Milanesinas*** The PeΔrls reminded us of one of theirs we recently found and loved, so here it is. The entire eponymous EP or LP or whatever it is is available for free download at Bandcamp.

***Possible made-up word, just a guess, really

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