Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Return of Woody Whatever

Philadelphia's Woody Whatever was certifiably the fourth post we ever did at this blogofours.*** Those dittylinks disappeared in the hoary past, but a recent search found new ones. We still love the songs, which fit perfectly with all this DIY bidness we've been saluting of late. (Well, once, but whatever.)

"Woody" has once again made his huge ouevre available for very reasonable fare (in this case, NAME YOUR PRICE). That might be he in the picture above right. Maybe above left, too. We're rambling now, so to the tunes. Oh, one other thing. It's kind of strange that the first song below says "buy," while the second one says "download." Fear not: you can get the second one with a simple click or two and the first by downloading the entire LP for NYP.

***You'll have to scroll way down the page, but it won't be worth it.

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