Monday, May 27, 2013

Virals' Infectious Pop

Oh, the irony: "Lovvers were rawish, Virals more poppish."***

'Twas but a bit over a year ago that we sent you and ourselves scurrying over to Indie Rock Cafe to catch Worcester (Old England) one-man band, Virals. We feverishly bought the Coming Up with the Sun EP and anything else we could get our ears on and recently purchased "their" Strange Fruit EP over at eMusic. So after a bunch of recent pleasure-inducing aural experiences and a bit of snooping around, we found the below. Read and hear more here, here, here, and here.

Go here to download "Gloria."

Go here to download "Magic Happens." (Click the down-pointing arrow and magic will happen.)

***Made-up quote


johnnybgoode said...

hey ppop - great post - thanks for turning me on the the virals!

pplist said...

Glad you like them, too, jbg. Your comment is appreciated more than I can say.

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