Monday, June 17, 2013

Elusive Parallelograms Become Less Elusive

We recently noticed we were not the only ones nonplussed over the apparent demise of excellent label Rainbow Quartz. The excellent Horsethrottle at the excellent Popnarcotic explores the issue far better than we could hope to do. We lost a lot of valuable links when RQ went "poof," and one of the most lamented was Milwaukee band, Elusive Parallelograms. So imagine our joy upon receiving Team Clermont's weekend email letting us know EP are still in business. (That's right, you can't, but thanks for trying.) We've posted below the one that best plunked our twanger back when, plus another that also does nice things. Click here and here for more.

Update: Well, surprise, surprise. We find that Bandcamp has decided to add other songs in each widget, so, like, good.

Another Update: Well, woe, woe, they've gone "poof" again (elusive indeed), but we did find "Orange" and others here. Hear "Orange."

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