Saturday, August 31, 2013

Elvis Depressedly Disdisgraced

As we've said many times (but don't really care to redocument) we tend to favor uptempo, often upbeat songage. We already spend enough time in the basement as it is and therefore bask in the odd shaft that pierces the gloom. But here we are, making an exception.

The kindly Nathan over at Austin Town Hall alerted us to a new one by the Carolina troika postitled above. That set us off on a leisurely journey through their name-your-price, pokey-paced repertoire, a large amount of which was not-too-this and not-too-that and mostly just right. (We especially love the voice, but kudos to the overall atmospherics as well.) The below are some of this Elvis' more uptempo numbers, so, like, strap your hands 'cross our engines.

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