Sunday, October 27, 2013

Music of the Sphere: King Khan, People's Temple, Ovlov, Chambermaids, Audacity, Persian Leaps, Medicine, Guthrie & Irion, Bleeding Rainbow, Jacco Gardner, Twin Peaks, Gross Magic

We thank the ever-gracious postmeisters for hosting the following. Some of them are on "Best Of"-type lists, so you'll have to scroll 'n' search 'n' strut 'n' stuff.

King Khan & The Shrines - Better Luck Next Time - Polaroid

The People's Temple - Twice Burned - Requiem Pour Un Twister

Ovlov - nu punk OR The Valley - Gimme Tinnitus - Blog says TV, download says np.

The Chambermaids - Electric Sky - Austin Town Hall
Audacity - Couldn't Hold A Candle - Austin Town Hall

The Persian Leaps - Silent Treatment - Indie Rock Cafe
Medicine - It's Not Enough - Indie Rock Cafe
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion - Chairman Meow - Indie Rock Cafe

Bleeding Rainbow - Wasted Youth - Rollo & Grady
Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air - Rollo & Grady
Twin Peaks - Irene - Rollo & Grady
Gross Magic - Sweetest Touch - Rollo & Grady


The Persian Leaps said...

Thanks for reposting!

pplist said...

Thanks for the terrifics, TPL.

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