Saturday, October 26, 2013

Never Too Much Monkey Business From Ballard

Ballard of Bolton returns with yet another EP of excellent indiepowerpop. We've raved before and hope we'll have opportunities in future to rave on and on. 

Long-time Ballard fans will notice less lo- and more hi- on this fi-ne effort. It would also appear that frontman Darren Riley has moved out of the bedroom while simultaneously enlisting sidekicks for tub-thumping and knob-twiddling duties. Songs 1 & 3 are our particular faves.

A little poking around revealed we missed the following excellent EP in August, so, like, apos and such. Kudos especially for songs 1, 2, & 3.


Darren Riley said...

Man, I was going to send you this but you beat me to it! Thanks for featuring it, as always I really appreciate it.

Darren aka Ballard

pplist said...

Hey, thank YOU, Darren! Keep the greatness flowing.

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