Thursday, June 26, 2014

I (Don't) Wanna Stay Away from The Black Tambourines

These Cornishlads put out one of our favorite songs last year (see/hear below), plus a bunch of others we loved, grabbed, and bought. Below is their latest, excellent, free and legal Art Is Hard single, taken from a forthcoming LP of which we don't yet know the name but will let you know when we do by simply editing this post to make it look like we've known all along.

See our previous glowing post for free and legals from their Chica EP and go to their SoundCloud page for even more. We might suggest hovering over those download arrows at SoundCloud because while some of the songs are of relatively low megabytage, others are up in the 33.3-57.5 MB range. Read, hear, and buy more here, here, and here.

Here's a low-MBer we "dig" off their first LP.

And, yes, this one just goes all through us nice and goood. Wow.

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