Monday, June 23, 2014

More from Eardrums: Coquelicot, Mikroflirt, & Photon + a Surprise Ursine Visit

Don't know if you've been enjoying those songs from that EardrumsPop compilation we posted last month, but we sure have. Here are our faves from the promised Vols. B & C of Between Two Waves - The Second Wave. You can freely download the whole caboodle here.

We also liked the song by The Grave Lobby but were kind of nonplussed by the advisory at Eardrums about securing permission to download. We did remember, though, that we very much enjoy the faction of TGL called "Bears" and thought you might like to revisit one we previously posted.

We also hunted down the following for your listening/downloading pleasure.

Um, we like that second song, too, but prefer #1. For some reason the Bandcamp widget keeps posting #2 first. Click the back arrow if you please. No biggie.

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