Monday, October 27, 2014

From The Active Listener Sampler 25: Prince Ruperts Drops, Chemistry Set, Dowling Poole, Delia Haunt, Halasan Bazar, Greek Theatre

Nathan Ford's done it again, and in more ways than 13. This month's TAL Sampler is pretty darned fab, and we've had to exercise an iron grip to keep our fidgety widgeting tendencies in check. (Kind of painful is that iron grip, but at least it's our own.)

Of course you've probably already discovered that for some time now, Bandcamp's been putting all of an EP/LP's playable songs in the same widget, but we like to post the songs individually so you can get right to them. Quirky? Not really and not really important.

But enough of this, let's get to it. We like all the songs, love ten, and are posting our six most favorite. And of course we most humbly and heartily thank Mr. Nathan Ford for his stellar work, no matter how doofusish it makes us look by comparison.

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