Thursday, October 30, 2014

From New Planting Seeds Comp: Mark Crozer, Static Daydream, Lovetones, Young Sinclairs, Seeers, Super Vacations

We would have told you about this sooner but only just now got word of it ourownself. The most excellent Planting Seeds Records have released a 14-song compilation  of freebies by a number of our favebands or members thereof. (The postitle enumerates the names of our very favorites, with songs posted below.) Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, & Infinitely Vol 2 will be available for free download until November 17 (of this year), so you have a pleasant cushion of time available for checking them out and deciding what, if anything, to do next. Many thanks to PSR for the, you know, implant.
Update: PSR removed the widgets, as promised/threatened. We still say, though, "Many thanks." Time to go buy-buy.

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