Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Talk In Tongues, Courtney Barnett, The King Khan And BBQ Show, California X, Belle and Sebastian, POND, The Primitives, Mojave 3, Elliot Smith

Many thanks to the bloghosts for posting the following.

Indie Rock Cafe recently posted 30 downloadable songs in a "Best New Releases" post. The first four below are our favorites. Once you get to IRC you'll need to do some heavy-duty scrolling or perhaps use Ctrl-F or Command-F keyboard commands to get to the specific songs. (Feel free to sample all 30, of course. [Big of us, sure, but hey.]) The final two songs are from a different post.

POND - Waiting Around For Grace - Indie Rock Cafe - Please consider waiting until the 0:59 mark before making any drastic decisions.

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