Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jack Hardy's Slipped, We Feel Weird, Pleasured, Etc.

When we heard that hardy little tune called "Or Anyone" (#1 above) yesterday we thought, "This feel weird, it sound familiar, in fact we certain we heard this one before, but where oh where?" We searched our archives. Nada.

Well, we just now found out where, and it's here, in a post also inspired by the very same Custom Made Music that led us to "Olive" (#2 above). We don't know Jack (yeah, pp, we've noticed) but suspect he's got something to do with our feeling weird.

Okay, enough. We love this New Orleans guy's EP, name o' Slipped. We usually prefer up-tempo stuff but all five of these moderately paced ditties pleasingly plunk our twanger. We hope your twangers will respond likewise.

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