Saturday, December 05, 2015

Plum Excellent.

Plum purty.

We previously posted these Denver psychpoppers here and here and are highly (psych "humour") chuffed to hear them here again. And once again it's thanks to the excellent blog The Revue we are prompted to do so. So go there and give them and yourself some groovy kindsa luv or stay here and get some and then go there. It's really up to you, you know. Oh, wait, we do want to celebrate The Revue's groovy news of the forthcoming Plum EP to be "dropped" next Friday, 11dec15 (title cut below). Now go. Or stay. Etc.***

Once again, this is a huge (54.2 or 54.1 MB--we've seen it both ways) WAVE file, so you might want to convert it to mp3 to, you know, save drivespace. Again, your call. We gave detailed instructions in a previous Plumpost. Btw, those previous songs we posted are still available for free download

***Yes, we too've seen other bloggers make these cutesy-fruitsy, self-satisfied stabs at breezy cleverness, and it makes us sick, too.


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