Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dozen +: Boston Spaceships, Cuts, Allison, Vancougar, Hot Puppies, Cloeta, Alias, TAB, PAS/CAL, et. al. . . .

Do we need to go into all the sordid reasons we haven't been here the past week or so? Thanks.

Boston Spaceships - Go for the Exit mp3 - Mixed transportational metaphors to the contrary notwithstanding, Robert Pollard's new band is due to launch Brown Submarine (pic) in early September.
Allison - Fragil mp3 - ¡Viva México!

Vancougar - Obvious mp3 - from Canadian Tuxedo, due out early next month
The Hot Puppies - Green Eyeliner mp3 - Um, this fine song has slight dl problems, so please be patient.
Cloetta Paris - Cry Just a Little Bit (Shakin' Stevens cover) mp3 - Some of you purer poppers might not "dig" the electronic touches in this one; we of the more impure set like it anyway, so here. Ditto the next one.

Willoughby - Story mp3 - from I Know What You're Up To, due in early August

Anthem In - Hold On To Me mp3 - We like the fuzzy power chord bits the most. Maybe you didn't notice the following fine one in our last post, so here it is again.
Down mp3
Otter Petter - The Rest of the World mp3 - from Fireflies and Lamp Lights

PAS/CAL - You Were Too Old for Me mp3 - from I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura, due in late July - We're still enjoying this one from a long-ago post:

Click song titles to listen, artist names to whatever.


Anonymous said...

where have you been the last 2 weeks, young man? your father and I have been very worried!!! let me look at your eyes - is that a tatoo on your arm? who is that trashy woman with you?

: ) johnbuck

pplist said...

Thank you, dear, kind, loving Parental Units.--pp

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