Thursday, June 12, 2008

H-H-Hi: Apollo Sunshine, From Bubblegum to Sky, Hectors, Islands, Battle Royale, Anthem In, Club 8, Sweet Hurt

We're barely here but here nevertheless. (Zee muzick eenticed us bach.)

Apollo Sunshine - 666: The Coming Of The New World Government mp3 - psychy Beatlesesque - from forthcoming Shall Noise Upon, (vinyl & digital in August, CD in September) - previously posted and still liked:

From Bubblegum to Sky - I Always Fall Apart mp3 - from A Soft Kill, released June 3 - We're still adoring this one:

Islands - Creeper mp3 from Arm's Way

The Battle Royale - Racecar mp3 - from their recent release, Wake Up, Thunderbabe! - We're still loving this previously posted one as well:
Oh, Martha mp3
Anthem In - Down mp3 from Anthem In

Club 8 - Jesus, Walk With Me (The Sound of Arrows remix) mp3 - Still loving this one:
Everlasting Love mp3

Click song titles to hear 'em, click artist names to read and hear more.


Matt said...

I like that Apollo Sunshine! Gonna have to get me some of that...

pplist said...

We share that perception, Star Maker!

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