Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Resonars & More: Fogbound, Rosco A.K.A Sterling Roswell, Morgan Delt, Violet Swells, Orgone Box, Frowning Clouds, Doug Tuttle

Nathan Ford's excellent The Active Listener Sampler 16 has helped us keep that promise previously discussed here and here. (Thanks, Nathan Ford.) In addition to the excellent song by The Resonars, we're posting several other of the psych-pop groovers available for "name-your-price" downloading. One of the long-time pleasures of this genre is the creative bandnames associated therewith, so you'll also find numbers by Bat Faced Girl, Vintage Cucumber, Lunar Grave, etc., etc. Are you smiling yet?

This line is inserted simply to prevent your being freaked by a sky-high stack of eight (8) daunting widgets. Enjoy.

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