Monday, February 03, 2014

eMusic pppurcha$e$ - 2012 (Quarters 2-4) & 2013

Here's another little "feature" we started sometime back and have kind of neglected. (There are reasons, all uninteresting.) These are the powerpop, indiepop, shoegazepop, psychpop, garagepop, deathmetalpop, etc., songs we purchased at eMusic during the spans indicated. They aren't necessarily all the songs we bought by these artists, as explained on the spreadsheets. If you like some of the same music we do, maybe you'll get a few ideas for purchases or Spotifications or somesuch of your own.

You can view previous pppurcha$e$ po$t$ by clicking here.


Dawson Neighborhood Association said...

Awesome! One of my favorite features.

pplist said...

Good to hear, DNA. Thanks.

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