Monday, February 24, 2014

The Sharp Things' Playing The Benelux . . .And More

You might've noticed this fun little slab 'o bytes over in our Songdrop widget (glance to the right, or, if it's now one or more posts later, to the upper right). We liked it so much, we included it in our most recent eMusic purchases. Now we find the Brooklyn chamberpoppers' November 2013 LP, The Truth Is Like The Sun, is available for name-your-price download over at Bandcamp. So how does that make us feel after having spent our hard-earned on same? Good.

Speaking of Songdrop, you might enjoy paying a visit to our homepage there. We're enjoying our own playlists as well as those of Songdroppers we're following. In addition to our Currents playlist, embedded here at the blog, we've got playlists of current Powerpop, Early Powerpop, Indiepop, Shoegaze, Psych, Garagesurfpunk, Alternative Heyday, etc., etc. Songdrop has a free app, should you want to listen on a portable device.

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