Saturday, April 25, 2015

Recents: Charles Howl, Las Sultanas, Tenkiame, Red Cords, Nancy, Lady

Beavering away in the blogosphere, we turned up the following. Hope you like.

From the psychedelicious Active Listener Sampler 31, as you prob noticed . . .

Maybe you already saw it in our Songdrop widget, but here's the video that first attracted us to these guapas Alicantesas.

Not sure what they're saying word-wise (except "Candy") but the overall effect is eloquent. We also especially like song #3, "You." Found at The Blog That Celebrates Itself, which has a fun interview.

According to Bandcamp, this band is from "USA." (Internal evidence suggests the Northeast, possibly the NYC area.) And here's the one we placed in our Songdrop Currents widget and later found to be a name-your-pricer. We went ahead and paid 'em anyway. (So much for rational choice theory.)

We like #6 a whole bunch, too.

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