Sunday, April 12, 2015

Celebrating a Blog & Monomyth

We know they call themselves "The Blog That Celebrates Itself" (emphasis added), but we sure hope they don't mind if we join in on the celebration 'cause they consistently turn us on to mighty fine music.*** Music like that from this here Halifax band of psychpoppers called "Monomyth." Monomyth put out "pure pop for noun people," and we really dig it like. We went through all the songs available at Monomyth's Bandcamp pages and chose our faves from some singles and E/LPs that have name-your-pricers. Read the short but sweet interview at TBTCI, visit the band at Facebook, and explore more of their music at Bandcamp.

We also really like #s 2 & 4.

***as evidenced the day before yesterday

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