Friday, April 10, 2015

Ridin' A MARC Train Home & Elsewhere, Including The Telyscopes & Lenclair

Obviously we don't know Jack (or jack, as you've no doubt noticed), but we think he's on the left in the first two pics and in the middle in the third.

We climbed aboard at The Blog That Celebrates Itself and had a fun couple hours' ride, following various group members to various side projects and such. We found lots of satisfying free and downloadables and also ended up buying some quite tasty pop. The various band members hail from the D.C./Alexandria, Virginia vicinity. We especially want to give props to "the Train's" bassist, Jack Hubble (or Hubbell - we saw it both ways and maybe it's two different homonymic humans, though we kind of doubt it), who has some wicked good powerpop and psychpop in his several solo projects. (We dropped his  "Kaleidoscope" into the Songdrop widget, in case you want to take a listen.) Anyway, here we go.

We like this better than the original. (No offense, Milkers.)

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