Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Mood: Grimskunk, Paybacks, Dirty Fuzz, Fish Karma, Tullycraft

Feeling a bit lethargic today, so maybe these first four will get things moving. If it works, we'll be ready to be wispy again with #5. All five bands are scheduled to be at SXSW next month. Attention, new visitors: this is not our usual fare, so do scroll down the page for less caustic product. If The Paybacks and Dirty Fuzz aren't working, click to go to the SXSW site and you can hear them. They've been kind of off and on. It's pretty easy to tell who's raising a lovely little stink in the picture.

GrimskunkWakin and Bakin mp3
The PaybacksCall When You’re Ready mp3
Dirty FuzzLove’s a Gun mp3
Fish KarmaFifty Caliber Christ mp3
Tullycraft - Stowaway mp3

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