Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday: Superfantastics, superfallingstars, Year Zero, Charade

Here's the perfect antidote to a testosterone-drenched Sunday (this side of the Atlantic/Pacific, anyway). I'm sure some of you found IndiePages'ssss Best of 2006 lists long ago (maybe even in 2006). My embarrassment at having done so only tonight is as nothing to the pleasure derived from what I found there. Please click on the IndiePages link if you haven't already been. You will find an abundance of great music. BTW, can you tell by their zany antics and the smidge of letters I left whom are pictured? They are sending a message. (Apologies to band members whose feet and/or toes were excised so that the clues would not be too obvious.)

The Superfantastics - Tapestry mp3
superfallingstarsI’m Not Really Sure mp3
The Year Zero - The Truth About Stars mp3
The Charade
Monday Morning mp3
A Tough Decision mp3
My Song to You mp3

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