Monday, February 19, 2007

SXSW 2007, cont'd: 10 More

After knockin' ya upside the noggin' with 35 big ones yesterday, we'll tone it down a touch. Here are ten more from bands scheduled to play at Austin's South by Southwest Festival next month. Glancing up at the old Powerpopulist masthead again, I would say these tend more toward the "indie" and "whatever we like" side. Not to every taste perhaps, but each had some tone, grind, hook, voice, quirk, or whoknowswhatery I somehow needed. Except for Calla and Protokoll, each was new to me (so feel free to smirk condescengingly, cogniscenti!!!). I'm ready to post a lot of songs by better-known groups, the kind that are flooding the blogs right now. I'll post those in a few days, but for now, I thought it might be nice to hear some lesserknowns. I do hope you find some to like. Oh, and if you want to feast on a clickable list of what appear to be all the mp3s submitted by SXSW bands, click Hear Ya! (Thanks to Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog for the headsup--as if that Lord of the Blogs would ever notice this lowly netserf. Still. . .I do thank his lordship.) Once again, this idiot Blogger program (or maybe it's just this idiot blogger) is messing up. You'll probably have to click on the band name and go to Finn's Motel's SXSW site to hear their song. It's worth the click.

BlacklistLanguage of the Living Dead mp3
Calla - Swagger mp3
Experimental AircraftWalk Away mp3
Finn’s MotelOf Cycles and Engines mp3
Hello StrangerTake It to the Maxx mp3
The High StrungThe Baddest Ship mp3
MinipopLike I Do mp3
Monahans - Undiscovered mp3
ProtokollMoving Forward mp3
The StitchesCars of Today mp3
Turn Me On Dead ManGalaxina mp3
UnbustedYeah Right mp3

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