Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Drill Bit

You know the drill (and if you don't, you soon will): skip this word stuff and head tuneward.

The Long Blondes - Here Comes The Serious Bit mp3
EZ Basic - I Can Only Break Your Heart mp3 - Thanks to Coast Is Clear for the headsup.

A Place To Bury Strangers - My Weakness mp3

Mobius Band - Baby, We’ll Be Fine (National cover) mp3
Ric Menck - Hey War Pigs mp3 - Two (there ain't anything but) excellent songs from Velvet Crush are downloadable here.

Meho Plaza - The Beach mp3

Great Northern - Telling Lies mp3

Click artist names for more. Click song titles to hear songs.


Anonymous said...

hey ppop, great tunes!! thanks for posting. johnbuck p.s. any chance you can post the "star Trip" demo that is on the velvet crush myspace page you linked to? for some reason i cannot get it to download. man i love that song! pure teenage fanclub!

pplist said...

Thanks, jb. I may take a chance, since they obviously want people to take the trip. I've found MySpace downloads to be very quirky, sometimes requiring multiple attempts.

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