Sunday, April 27, 2008

So Much To Love

And we're loving these.

Oppenheimer - Look Up mp3 - And how could we forget:

Looker - Spit for Your Shine mp3 - Previous indications of affection:
Gates of the Old City mp3
After My Divorce mp3
Mist and Mast - Green Eyes mp3

Green is good. Click green.


Anonymous said...

hey ppop!! esp liked mass solo revolt and the young sinclairs - johnbuck

pplist said...

Glad we're still on the same wavelength! Thanks, johnbuck.

Anonymous said...

great selections! first time reader! young sinclairs & radars to the sky are great!

pplist said...

Thanks, a. I'm really glad you like them, too. Drop by anytime!

Curty Ray said...

Love your blog! Keep it up!
I put you on my Blog Roll. Welcome!

pplist said...

Thanks, Curty Ray! Your blog's definitely got ultravivid tuneage to OD on.

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