Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Midweek Caper

Feel free to kick up your heels. Click green words for more.

Bleu - I Won't Go Hollywood mp3- Thanks to Too Poppy for the headsup.
Broken Promise Keeper - from The Avacado Age of Radio - Thanks to Rob for getting in touch. He's got more here.
I Know You Know mp3

Robert Pollard - Gratification to Concrete mp3

Alibi Tom - Fire mp3- Thanks to It's A Trap! for the headsup. One more song is available at the band's blog.
My Raining Stars - All This Time mp3 - It's all over the place now, but thanks to Hits In The Car for initial cranial uplift.

My Morning Jacket (pic)

Great Lake Swimmers - Gonna Make It Through This Year mp3


Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup ppop!

pplist said...

Welcome, A!

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