Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glenn Robinson, Man of Providence (and Rock and Ro-o-olllll)

Guessin' that's Glenn on the throne

Nor are we completely sure how we found out about this Rhode Island rocker, but it was obviously providence. And our recent Bandcamp purchases playlist just now reminded us how blessed we are. And then we found out the songs we purchased were available for free on a different EP. And then our profile revealed he had thoughtfully planted a baker's handful (with an extra thumb or finger) of free downloads at his page. And so, yes, the cybergods of thunder are doing righteous work today. Offer thanks at Bandcamp and read scripture here and here. And, yes, we ask forgiveness for this ridiculously worded post. But we expect none. And so we just go on sinning and sinning and sinning and can't seem to st

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