Saturday, August 23, 2014

Soarin' with The Persian Leaps (No Faith Required)

Lower hand, dude.

Yeh, Kierko, the evidence is right where we need it. St. Paul, MN men The Persian Leaps kindly sent us their forthcoming EP, Drive Drive Delay, and we can highly recommend your noting its release in the 12sept14 slot on your calendar. "Pretty Boy" is pretty awesome, so hep yourself. The widget says "buy," which please do, if so inclined, but if you want it for name-your-price download, click here. BTW, thanks, Leaps!! Visit them here and here. (BTW, we're pretty sure it was Oct 29 of last year.)

Here's our favorite from previous EP, Praise Elephants, available in its entirety for free download at Bandcamp.

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