Monday, August 18, 2014

Hurry Again: Great Psychpop by Beaulieu Porch & Spider 72

A year ago February we alerted you to some excellent Britpsychpop masterpieces by UK bands Beaulieu Porch and Spider 72 but then found out we were on the verge of being too late to the post. And so it's nice to have a chance at absolution, although once again, we don't know how long this offer stands. Tilsamanns Records have made several full LPs by the bands available for free download, so get thee hither, thither, and yon thith inthtant! Here are a few reasons why:

Update: So, yeh, like we said, we weren't sure how long they'd be free; it's 8/30/14, and they no longer are. They're most definitely worth buying, though, so take it from here.
Update of Update: Well, lookah here, it's John Lennon's and my sister's bday (10/9/14) and the songs look downloadable again. Kewel.

Learn more about Beaulieu Porch hereSpider 72 here, and Tilsamanns Records here. Will you be surprised to learn that we were alerted to the Beaulieu Porch deal by the ever alert 'n active Nathan Ford at The Active Listener? Of course you won't. And profusely do we thank Master Nathan Ford and Tilsamanns Records, forevah and evah.


Anonymous said...

Scruffy the Cat reissued!

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