Thursday, August 07, 2014

Guided by Winter In Moscow

From songtitles to vox to instrumentation, this Shoreditch foursome (two Matts - or maybe one Matt and a Richard -, Gareth, and Tom) are obviously guided by voices most pleasant to our ears as well. Nor are they loath to admit it: "Our influences are many and varied but to name a few they would include Guided by Voices . . . Dinosaur Jr . . . Pixies." They also mention REM  and the late Jay Reatard , to which we loudly scream, "Pip pip." (True, they cite a couple of others that make us go "Meh," but hey, that's cool, so what? We love 'em on their own terms.) We're widgeting the whole EP but particularly like #'s 1, 4, & 6. Many thanks to The Mad Mackerel for the headsup on this and a bayful of other excellent new bands/artists.

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