Sunday, March 08, 2015

Cardiff Artists Houdini Dax

We were checking out Mr. Suave's most recent Modcast playlist and really "dug" Cardiff 3-piece Houdini Dax. It will be easy to find if youdotoo by clicking below. Other escapist fare here and here.

We also "dug" some of the other bands Mr. S featured, some of whom found their way into some of our Songdrop playlists, including the Currents mix in the upper-right corner of this page. We particularly recommend Londoner Paul Orwell, whom we would have blogposted had his free Soundcloud links not expired. We're definitely going to buy him, though, and recommend you have a listen.

Spoiler Alert: Speaking of "dug," who "dug" what Doug dug on the finale of House of Cards, Season 3? Just wondering.♠

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