Thursday, March 19, 2015

Music of the Sphere, Emergency Rollo & Grady SXSW Edition: Cloud Nothings, Gap Dream, Holy Wave, Jacco Gardner, JEFF the Brotherhood, The Memories, Moon Duo, Tweens, Wand-, Warm Soda, Will Butler

We visit L.A. bloggers Rollo & Grady pretty much every day and were getting kind of worried by their more-than-one-month hiatus from posting (February 15, 2015-March 16, 2015, to be exact (and a 15-day lacuna BEFORE THAT!!!)). But, phwewwwww ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '*, they're back, and with a copacetic vengeance, a 120+-song SXSW playlist replete with muchos downloadables.

Our faves are below, and they're all at the same post. We omitted a few we've recently posted, but by all means, go and draw deeply from the well of delight they've dug and we dig. And, OF COURSE, thanks, Rollo. You, too, Grady. Glad to see youse're back.

Again, click here to go to the post. The songs are posted at R&G in alpha order by artiste.

Cloud Nothings - Didn't You
Gap Dream - 58th Street Fingers
Holy Wave - Albuquerque Freakout
Jacco Gardner - Clear the Air
JEFF the Brotherhood - Bone Jam - the first one we ever posted by the Bros. Sigh. Oh, wow, it still lives.

The Memories - Dancing In My Dreams
Moon Duo - Sleepwalker
Tweens - Be Mean
Wand- - Flying Golem - one of our favorite songs of recent memory
Warm Soda - Someone for You - another faveband/man
Will Butler - What I Want

Their Spotify playlist of the songs is here. We don't really like Spotify all that much, but so what?

*simulated sweatdrops, flicked


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and support! Sorry about the lack of posts - burned out. We plan on doing the best songs of 2014 in April. Cheers

pplist said...

Hey, R (or G), no apos necessary; just know that you are missed and appreciated. I look forward to your best of 2014 post; should be a doozy. I certainly understand the burnout thing. All bests to yas!

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