Saturday, March 28, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Built to Spill, Gap Dream, Echo Lake, Low Profyle, Public Service Broadcasting, Fireworks, Trust Fund

Here's what we hunted down during recent peregrinations with our pet peregrine, Tim. Tim and I would like to screech preyerful thanks to the generous bloggers who provided the tasty prey.

Built to Spill - Never Be The Same - Side One Track One

Gap Dream - Fantastic Sam - Newtown Radio Blog

Echo Lake - Waves - Indie Rock Cafe

Low Profyle - Substitute (The Who cover) - Killed By Death Records

Public Service Broadcasting - Go! - KEXP Blog - Not our usual sort of fare, & we might lose cred (had we any) for posting it, but we're far too exhilarated to care.

The Fireworks - Runaround - Fingertips

The Fireworks - Tightrope - Polaroid
Trust Fund - Cut Me Out - Polaroid

Tim (l) 'n galpal Lulu in a little post-prandial Frenching

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