Friday, March 13, 2015

From a MUT & SNT Compilation: Single Lash, Unlikely Friends, Shy Mirrors, Lame Drivers

Here are four songs we especially like from Without A Trace, a 24-tune compilation courtesy of Mirror Universe Tapes and Serenity Now Tapes. A couple of them start out kind of harsh (e.g., the perky pitbullish barking on the Unlikely Friends' number), but calm quickly and achieve grooviness.

We actually kept four others which we like but have screwpulls as to whether regular visitors will. #'s 4 & 6 we classified as "maybes," while #'s 5 & 13 were kind of like "for our ears only." (Not that they actually are, as we are an equal opportunity earsblog.) Not to put too fine a point on it, but our ears said #'s 14-24 suck (if ears can actually say something). But, hey, each widget below has all 24 songs, so let your own ears do the talking.

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