Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music of the Sphere, Emergency Post: Swervedriver, Shins, J&M Chain, Lush, New P's, Darker My Love, M. Penn, S. Forbert, G. McLennan, et. al. . . .

I'd planned to lay off a day or two, give you time to savor the last feast, etc., but it looks like the first tune below is about to be taken down, so go there now, if you like.
Thanks to all the beneficent host(esse)s!

Swervedriver - Duel - mp3hugger
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On & Just Like Honey & Cracking Up - Indiecent Music
Lush - Untogether - Tsururadio
Darker My Love - 2 Ways - Tsururadio
The New Pornographers - Use It - Tsururadio
Michael Penn - No Myth - Tsururadio

The Hollies - Step Inside - Some Velvet Blog
The Shins - Sea Legs - *Sixeyes
Steve Forbert - Thirty Thousand Men - *Sixeyes
Grant McLennan - Lighting Fires - Speed of Dark - for those of you who like The Go-Betweens

Moi Caprice - To the Lighthouse - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
The Dears - Hate Then Love - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
Bjorn Norestig - We Can Make It Last - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
The Levellers - Last Man Alive - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
Concrete Blonde - Joey & Happy Birthday & Someday? - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
Lindsey Buckingham - Love Runs Deeper & Underground - a PLAGUE of ANGELS


stytzer said...

moi Caprice...big smile :)

pplist said...

Well, sir, I thought specifically of YOU when I posted MC, remembering they were your favorite artists at your last.fm page. (I just checked, and now they're #3. Uh-oh, strange rumblings in The Force.) So good to hear from you, my friend.

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