Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too Popped to Poop: Secret Dakota Ring, Holly & the Italians, Weightlifters, Lovetones, Ham1, Sweet Jesus, Snapper, Vapors

Ham I am.
I feel another one of those moods coming on, so I better post quick. Excellent songs, low serotonin, no biggie.

The Weightlifters - Many thanks to main/pretty much exclusive 'lifter, Adam McLaughlin, for permission to post these songs from the excellent Last of the Sunday Drivers, available for listening here and purchase here and here. The new Weightlifters album, O My Stars, is due out soon ("late September/early October").

The Lovetones
mantra mp3
Inside A Dream mp3 - And maybe you'd like to hear this previously posted 'tones tune.
Wintertime in Hollywood mp3

Ham1 - I Wave Back mp3 - "western surf" from the forthcoming The Underground Stream, due out in early 2009 - And here's a previously posted one we're still enjoying from the self-titled debut:
Pop Song for a Funeral mp3 - According to these noble Athenians' MySpace site, both albums are available for free download here.

Secret Dakota Ring - The Fade to Black mp3 - from Cantarell, due out Tuesday - The following previously posted songs are also pp-pleasers. More? OK Go here .
my window mp3

Here are a few goodies, excellenties actually, I found poking around at the if things were perfect blog at the superb Slumberland Records site. Many, many more await you there.
Holly & The Italians - Youth Coup mp3
The Vapors - Waiting for the Weekend mp3

Well, whaddayaknow, I feel better. (What a cheap schtick for a post, even if true.)

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