Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quite A Few Bands With Longish Names But Also Some One-And-Two-Namers, All Excellent

So much music, so little time. Ohmeohmyoh, whatever am I gonna d--oh, sorry, didn't see you there. I was just, just, oh, never mind my tawdry little mind, let's get to it.

Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be mp3 - from Happy As Can Be EP, due 21 Oct.
International Jetsetters - Inside Out mp3 - from Heart Is Black EP, released 7 Oct., as is:
Inside Yourself mp3

Lighter Touch
Casper and the Cookies - Little King mp3 - from Modern Silence (release date still to be determined) - Thanks to three of our favorite (imaginary) girls for the headsup on this excellent Athens, GA group! And could we ever forget the following intensely pleasing number? No, we could not.
Sid from Central Park mp3
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - Your New Favourite Band mp3 - Thanks to Eardrums, which has some more nice ones and four superb fall compilations here and here.

Farfisa Fun
The Datsuns - Hey! Paranoid People! (What's In Your Head?) mp3 - from Head Stunts, due for release 14 Oct. - Kiwi vets
The Hospital Bombers - Neighborhood mp3 - from Footnotes, due for release 21 Oct. on the Saved By Radio label - Amsterdammers

The Henry Clay People - Something in the Water mp3 - from For Cheap or For Free, out 4 Nov.
The Orion Experience - Sugar mp3 - from Heartbreaker EP, released 30 Sept. - Thanks to Vai Godhania at Fanatic. - initially dubious, but gets its pop on

Soft Landings by Two One-Name Bands Ending in "ik"
Fredrik - Black Fur mp3 - from Swedish underground (don't be frightened), with input from Band in Box, Scraps of Tape, Vit Päls, & The LK
Koushik - Lying in the Sun mp3 - from Out My Window, released 30 Sept. on Stone's Throw - Thanks to Pitchfork!

I've been meaning to say the following for some time now:

Dear Firefoxy Ladies and Laddies,

I have no idea why my little blogchild is being mangled, distorted, and abused by Firefox. This has happened several times in pphistory but eventually seems to correct itself. We regret any disorientation, nausea, and the like this might cause you. We are bearing up as stoically as possible, which is to say, not very well.

pplist, aka "pplist"

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