Sunday, July 27, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Beatles, Smoking Popes, Well Wishers, Ether Aura, DVS, Stars, Mansun, S. Miller, Pristines, Uh Huh Her, et. al. . . .

Many thanks to the kind hosterposters for the excellent tuneage.

The Beatles - I'll Follow the Sun - Star Maker Machine - Post also has the ur-version by proto-Fabs, The Quarrymen.

Smoking Popes - If You Don't Care - CYSTSFTS
The Well Wishers - Heroes - Pop Sweatshop - Thanks to Auditeer Jeff Shelton for the headsup on this.

Ether Aura - Twist - Hits In The Car - I certainly share Morten's affection for this superb Detroit outfit. In fact, it was he who introduced me to them (musically).
Death Valley Sleepers - Small Town Bells - Hits In The Car - All the DVS tunes there at HITC are muchly recommended.

Stars - Ageless Beauty - Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good
Faded Paper Figures - Metropolis & Logos - Obscure Sound


Power Pop Review said...

Thanks for adding Powerpop Review to your blog.

pplist said...

Thanks for putting "us" on yours. I'm looking forward to finding great music at Powerpop Review.

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