Thursday, July 03, 2008

No Lack: Lackloves, Paper Airplane Pilots, Catalysts, B&C, Paper Rival, Firefox AK, PUSA, Reeve, Luca, Exp. Aircraft, PacificUV, Tears Run Rings

Well, okay, we lack words to do the songs justice, but they stand on their own. Click green and orange stuff for more verbiage, tuneage, etc.

Pair of Pairs
The Lackloves - from Cathedral Square Park - Thanks to Auditeer and Little Hitsman Stewart Mason for the headsup. Three more are downloadable at The Lackloves Myspace page and four more at their Rainbow Quartz page. I've had no lack of love for this superb Milwaukee band for some time now.
On My Way mp3
Summer Rain mp3
Paper Airplane Pilots - Thanks to my iPod for sharing an eMusic Faves playlist that included these Windy City flyboys. Click bandname to download more songs.

The Catalysts - Goes On Forever mp3 - Click band name to find another downloadable.
Bonnie & Clyde - First Fall mp3 - If you don't like slow, wait till 00 :48.

The Nashville/Stockholm Connection (i.e., we're reaching)
Paper Rival - Cassandra mp3

Reach Exceeds Grasp
Reeve Oliver - Yer Motion mp3 - And in case you missed it in a previous post:
Luca - Damned mp3

Definitely Gaze
Experimental Aircraft - Stellar mp3
Tears Run Rings - The Weight of Love mp3

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