Sunday, July 20, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Matthew Sweet, Fonda, SDFP, M. Benders, Beck, Youth Group, Azure Ray, Weezer, Dino Jr., Shins, et. al. . .

Well, I was about to turn in when a visitor alerted me to Too Poppy's excellent preview of the forthcoming Matthew Sweet album, Sunshine Lies. Casting my mind back thousands of seconds to yesterday, I remembered a pleasant encounter with two songs from the album at a PLAGUE of ANGELS. I had them slotted for inclusion in the next Music of the Sphere post, which, as it turns out, is this one. I'm including other wonderful musics I've found as well. Thanks, as always, to the incredible hosts. Oh, and I just gotta say it: Molotov, you're a freakin' ANGEL, man.

Beck - Pressure Zone - a PLAGUE of ANGELS - I'm not usually at his name and call, but this one got me up and moving.
Beck - Girl - a PLAGUE of ANGELS - As did this one, obviously.

Oppenheimer - Cate Blanchett & Fireworks Are Illegal in the State of New Jersey - Obscure Sound - I posted "Look Up" previously, so click and hear it here or just listen to it while you're at Obscure Sound. Your call.

P.S.: I would put all the artists' names in the postitle, but Blogger limits the number of letters. My titles are bulky and gauche and such, but I'm thinking the names will help those of you who subscribe via feeds to decide whether you want to trudge on over here.

P.S.S: I've decided to stop worrying whether I post too many songs at once.

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