Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Shins, Pogues, Chad and Jeremy, Dig, Julie Ocean, Elvis C.

I sincerely hope that with this third MotS post in a row I am not forfeiting the very last microshred of respect you might--might, mind you, I take nothing for granted, you are a silent, restless beast whose mien I can't always, in fact can almost never, read--have for me, but I've found these hosted songs and want you to have the chance to hear them if you haven't already or even if you have and want to again. I promise I have a nice haul of tuneage you'll be able to click and launch right here, and I'll be posting some of it quite soon. I'm personally more than willing to click dozens of times to get to good tuna, but we needn't go into that at this time. Many thanks to the hosterposters and to you for your kind forbearance.


Anonymous said...

You're taste in music is similar to mine. Thanks for introducing me to a lot of great new tunes I would have never been aware of without your links. I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore, since they appear to be stuck in the early '90s Pearl Jam era.

- 54 years old and hip to new tunes

pplist said...

Thanks, A. That's music to my ears.

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