Friday, July 25, 2008

To the Weekend: R. Hitchcock, Dykeritz, Fields, Parts & Labor, Cinderpop, Details, Estepa, et. al. . . .

Globe of Robyns
It's always good to see Robyn awing. These other'ns got us aloft as well. We wish you a happy weekend!

Robyn Hitchcock - Bad Case of History mp3 - from the five-disc box set Luminous Groove, due August 19
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh mp3 - from Receivers, due October 21
Hypatia Lake - The General's Gleaming Edge mp3 - from Angels And Demons, Space And Time

Fight Bite - Widow's Peak mp3 - from Emerald Eyes , due October 28
Jeff Hanson - If I Only Knew mp3 - from his forthcoming third album Madam Owl on Kill Rock Stars - Thanks to Fanatic Promotion.
Marching Band - Feel Good About It mp3 - Thanks to Pitchfork.

Fields - Are You Ready Yet? mp3
Cinderpop - Blonder mp3 - from A Lesson In Science
Bryan Estepa - Myself mp3 - from Sunday Best, released earlier this month - More downloadables by this Sydney singer/songwriter await you here and here.
The Details - Underground mp3 - From Draw a Distance. Draw a Border.

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