Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tunesday: Hives, Bleeding Hearts, Pets, Jellybricks, David Doll, Lovetones, Altspeak, Greencoats, Boxer The Horse, Drakes Hotel, Sidewaytown, N. Hynes

We start out a little rowdy, calm down a wee, and then just bounce around a bit, i.e., the usual consistency. We love the songs, though, which is why we're here. Click green artist names for info; click song titles for audio.

The Bleeding Hearts - Rehab Girl mp3 - from Nothin On But The Radio - The Doublenaught Records release by these Raleigh, North Carolinians will rock you up a treat. Go here to buy.
The Hives - Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones mp3 - The ever-generous Filthy Little Angels have a fantastic selection of their own ware, plus some rather spiffy mixtapes with individually accessible mp3s.
The Pets - Let's Go mp3 - from Let's Go b/w I Want Fun 7"

The Jellybricks - We'll Be Together mp3 - We at Team Powerpopulist would like to be the first to wish you a Neato Noël! We've been stocking up on various sweets by this Harrisburg, PA band, especially here.
David Doll - Not This Time mp3 - We've been enjoying this Borehamwoodian's work for quite some time now.
The Lovetones - Wintertime in Hollywood mp3 - Sydney band does some California dreamin'.

Altspeak - Seven Shots mp3 - Thanks to Chris at Music of the Moment for the headsup on this excellent Seattle band. Chris has one more by Altspeak and kindly points out something you might find of particular interest. Thanks also to Chris for the next one.
The Greencoats - Honey mp3 - not totally fuzzy but working on it
Boxer The Horse - Jackson Leftfield mp3 - from The Late Show EP - Thanks to Matt Charlton at Pigeon Row Public Relations.

Drakes Hotel - Broadcast to the Addicted mp3 - Thanks to Peter at Coast Is Clear for the headsup on this and the next two. (If I did theme posts, I could maybe tie this one to The Bleeding Hearts' song.)
Sidewaytown - Asylum F220 mp3 - Peter has another nice shoegazer by Sidewaytown here.
Nina Hynes - This Magic Stuff mp3 - What a gorgeous voice!

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