Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crowded Sat.: The Phantom Band, Ideal Free Distribution, Starkeys, Hot Lava, Rescues, Love Is All, Lukestar, Layaways

Oh, hallefreakinlujah, it's a crowded Saturday, so I don't have to come up with excuses for not wri-. . .

The Phantom Band - Folk Song Oblivion mp3 - Glaswegian goodness from Checkmate Savage, due for 27 Jan. 09 release on local label Chemikal Underground
Ideal Free Distribution - William Buss mp3 - from Then We Were Older

Starkeys - Shift Drink mp3 - from Dilmun EP, out 25 Nov.
Hot Lava - Mummy Beach mp3 - from Lavalogy, released in October - Thanks to Mark Lipsitz at Bar None.

Ready to relax? Fuhgeddaboutit.
Love Is All - Wishing Well mp3 -from A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night, released on 11 Nov. - Yummy Gothenburgers! Thanks to Pitchfork.
The Rescues - Break Me Out - from LA band's debut album Crazy Ever, which broke 4 Nov.
The Postmarks - 11:59 (Blondie cover) mp3 - from their 12-tune cover LP, By-The-Numbers, released 11 Nov.

Lukestar - two songs from Norgwegian band's Lake Toba, coming out on Flameshovel - Thanks to Brooke Black at Big Hassle Media.
The Shade You Hide mp3
White Shade mp3 - We especially love the chorus. Just try not to smile. Cool vid here.

The Layaways - Keep It to Yourself mp3 - from The Space Between, released this past Tuesday - You will find a bunch more free downloads at the Layaways' website. Naturally we're still enjoying these from an earlier post:
Let Me In mp3

Click song titles to hear songs, green artist names for more. And have yourselves a groovy little weekend, mkay?

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