Friday, November 28, 2008

Parlez Vous French?

I was happily browsing at the indispensable Wilfully Obscure tonight when--voila!--my next three hours suddenly took a turn for the even better. Mon host, spavid, turned me on to terrific New York indiepoppers French, first grabbing eyeballs with an excellent summary, ears with two downloadable EPs, and the rest of me with full-body exploration of the goldmine of mp3s at French's generous website. So get your derrières over there as soon as, as. . .oh, yeh, well, you might want to give a little listen to the songs I've posted first. If not, that's cool, really. I'll never know anyway, non? (Click on the song titles to play the songs I've posted and the yellow lp titles to find more tuneage. There are still 60+ songs awaiting your perusal at the WO and French sites. Tip of the iceberg indeed.)

The Band, The Album
We Hate MTV mp3- an easy target, sure, but they hit the bullseye in every way

Fully Vetted - John McCain's favorite French lp. . .
Rash mp3 - . . .and his favorite song.

Off the French singles page:
Deli Girl mp3
Courtney Killed Kurt mp3 - We saw the movie, too, but take no position. It's a song, oui?

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